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1st AUS Division
Class 1/42 - General Staff Headquarters
1st ANZAC Corps
Class 1/29 - General Staff Headquarters

War Diaries & Histories


The Australian War Memorial (AWM) have placed various official war diaries online that can be viewed. The introduction page to the war diaries is at


The World War One diaries are at


The following diaries are from the AWM and link to the soldiers involved in the November 5th attack. More specific diaries can be found on the attack and battalion pages.

Class 1 - Formation Headquarter

1st AUS Division
Class 1/43 - Administrative Staff Headquarters
1st ANZAC Corps
Class 1/30 - Intelligence Headquarters

Class 23 - Infantry

1st Infantry Brigade
Class 23/1


Official History
Chapter XXV
Charles Bean
This is one of his original notebooks

For all of the Official History of Australia in World War One please go to:

For all of Charles Beans original notebooks, etc  please go to:

Due to the size of this diary I have had to split it in three, the originial on the AWM website is a single document.

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