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Triangle Attack

The following is a timeline of events for the November 5th attack at the 'Triangle'.

This is based solely on the official war diaries from various levels of the military - from the headquarters down to the battalion.

12:30 am

Our activity - The attack of the 1st Aus Inf Bde against HILT - BATONET & LARD trenches in square N20D about 700 yards North of GUEUDECOURT was launched at 00 30 in the rain. The 1st Bn attacked HILT & BAYONET trenches across the open under cover of a creeping artillary barrage and the 3rd Bn made a bombing attack on LARD trench. Two attempts were made by the 1st Bn but both failed. The 3rd Bn was partially successful but had to withdraw before daylight owing to the failure of 1st Bn [General Staff Diary, 1/42/22]

12:45 am

The 3rd battalion ...

12:50 am

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