This site is about the attacks that happened on November 5th 1916

on the Somme (France) by the A.I.F.

In the early morning of November 5th, 1916, in the pouring rain and thick mud, various Australian battalions attacked the Germans along the front line in two main locations - a 'triangle' near Gueudecourt (1st & 3rd Battalions) and 'the Maze' (25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Battalions with support from the 24th Battalion). These two attacks occurred at different times.


There were other attacks being undertaken at the same time by the British and French armies (the British to the left of 'the Maze' and the French to the right of Gueudecourt).

I originally started looking into the November 5th battle because of my Great-Grandfather Thomas Rutherford (#5207, 1st batt.) - he was killed during this battle.

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