Suggested Books to Read


The following are books that you may find interesting and/or will help provide an insight into what happened for our soldiers on the battlefield or their lives in Australia.

NEW Edition


"I am producing a new book for the centenary of the Waratah Recruiting March in November.

It includes profiles of five men from the NSW South Coast who were killed in action on 5 November 1916, as follows:

BLACK, Donald Mervyn (5652)

HENRY, James Albert (5119)

LAKE, Leslie Clive (5733)

SCOTT, Thomas Edward (5226)

THORBURN, Matthew Knowles (5239)



Alan Clark"


If you would like to purchase a copy please contact Alan Clark:

16 North Street, Nowra, NSW, 2541


I REALLY recommend this book - 'Somme Mud' by E.P.F Lynch



This book really gave me an insight into what our soldiers went through during the war. I have to admit that I found myself laughting and crying.There has also been a version created for young adults (teenagers).


You can purchase this book from any good book seller.


- Leeta




If anyone knows of a book that would be interesting and/or insightful and would like to recommend it - wish to have it included on this page - please let me know. The book could be a local history, diary or 'professional' book.



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