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I am British and a retired Police Officer. I have always been interested in the First World War but began to take the subject seriously from about 1969/1970. Growing up I was aware that my Grandfather served in the Bedfordshire Regiment of the British Army. He spoke very little of the war and always tried to put me off whenever I asked questions. He was wounded on at least two occasions that I know of. He died in July 1970. As I read more and more books my interest grew and grew. I started out concentrating on the British Army on the Western Front and slowly took an interest in the Australian Army. This has taken over my time and research now to such an extent that I study mostly AIF, literally 24/7. Luckily I am able to visit the Western Front at least 3 or 4 times a year and spend my time there visiting AIF battlefields and 'walking the ground'. Cemeteries and AIF burials/memorials consume my time while I am there. Over the years I have met many lovely Australian people who, in many cases, were visting the Western Front for the first time. I enjoy being able to help them find a relative's grave and often show them the spot where that relative died. The AIF attacks on the 5 November, 1916, came to my attention early on and I have always found that whole subject fascinating. I later found Leeta's website and was able to visit her memorial garden in Gueudecourt in May 2018. Best wishes to Leeta and her website.



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