Remembering other Australian soldiers whom died on November 5th 1916

The following soldiers (according to records) died on November 5th 1916:


1st Brigade Field Artillery

Thomas Graham Howard Horsley                            John August Nyholm                                      Henry William Williams


2nd Battalion

Francis Reginald Blake                                            Alfred Barnsdale Parker                                John Richardson Poole

4th Battalion

John Gregor Johnston                                              William Patrick Kehoe

5th Battalion

William Robert Cornwill

7th Battalion

George Ball

8th Battalion

Alexander George Tresidder

21st Battalion

John Ahern                                                               James Otto Bell                                               Benjamin Bride

John Morgan Morris                                                 George Henry Simpson

22nd Battalion

Thomas James Moore

23rd Battalion

Arthur Cholerton                                              Colin Campbell Cooke                                       Charles Alexander Minett

Evan Edward Thomas



William Leonard Fitzsimons                                Arthur Rudolph Fleming                                       Edward Sidney Hayes

Stephen Morven Hunter                                     Charles Napier Morton                                         Arthur George North

Hero Clarence North                                           Daniel Joseph Ryan