Oct 5, 2017

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I hope adding this forum space to the website will aid in communication and connections being made among the soldiers families as they discover what happened over 100 years ago.



The image below is of an inscription contained on the headstone of W.G. Robertson (27th Batt., died Nov 5th 1916). Taken by me


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  • rutherfordlee
    Jul 21, 2018

    Penny Ferguson sent me the following "I am finally publishing my book on grandfather Lt. Ben Champions war diaries letters and photographs. The book will be launched by The Governor of NSW, General( retired) Hurley on 13 November at Wahroonga War Memorial. It is primarily 1st Battalion and is not a military book but Ben's war. He mentions about 400 soldiers some in more detail than others but it gives an idea of what they were up too. I can send a save the date if people send me their email address and I can give further updates to any who are interested. Thanks Penny Ferguson in Canberra"
  • rutherfordlee
    Nov 4, 2017

    The time is 10:30am, November 5th 2017 in Australia - it makes it 12:30am in France. This is when the attack of November 5th 1916 at the 'Triangle' began (101 years ago). The people of Gueudecourt, France have created a memorial garden in the grounds of the Marie and have moved our plaque to this garden. This photograph (to the left) is of the memorial garden, it sits to the left of the Marie building. This photograph was taken early this year. This photograph (to the right) was taken last month after a plaque for the 1st Essex was erected and a ceremony was held in commemoration for this regiment.